focus on what’s important

and make the world a little bit better


Our Heroes

How does one characterize a hero? To us the heroes are the kids that are fighting for a better life, striving to improve their social skills, working on becoming better physically and mentally. To us the heroes are also the people that support those kids.


Our Mission

The Northwest Wyoming REALTORS® for Kids, Inc. shall be organized for the purpose of helping children who are: victims of abuse, neglect or abandonment, have either a temporary or ongoing medical condition that requires money beyond what the child’s primary guardian is able to provide, wish to participate in school and community programs and do not have the funds to do so, and/or seek funding for advancement in an academic or social program. All recipients must be legal residents of Park County or Big Horn County of Wyoming and must be under the age of eighteen.


Our Values

The core values of the REALTORS® for Kids organization are: Compassion – needs of the children are put first (it’s all about Heart … not about ego); Integrity – always try and do the right thing.